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Guesswork of SEO

FALCON uses AI to predict if your content will succeed, so your content always wins.

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of content never
gets seen.

Legacy SEO gives you no insights on whether a keyword is a good fit or not. You’re forced to choose.

Start with the wrong keyword and all your content gets wasted. Why pay high opportunity costs?

The vast majority of content created by pro content teams is never seen from organic search.

Stop picking bad keywords.

FALCON AI helps produce high-performing content with your existing workflow, by analyzing ranked content to identify your best shot at getting content ranked higher.

The FALCON AI machine learning model predicts if a given combination of a keyword, title, and headings will succeed.

Your legacy process creates the content once, then you update it two to three times. FALCON tests 1000 different variations of content — giving you the one with the highest chance of success.

Leverage AI for SEO results.

FALCON’s advanced machine learning SEO model analyzes content within your topic area, then runs around a thousand permutations of content variables — reporting back exactly what you need to do, to rank higher than what’s out there.

Stop the classic hit-or-miss strategy that doesn’t move the needle. Instead, use FALCON AI to give your efforts the best possible shot at ranking high, like these fine folks:

“FALCON AI has been able to identify topics and titles that have ranked very quickly, raising our organic traffic significantly and bringing in actual business.”

Matthew Holman

Head of Growth, Autoship Cloud

“FALCON eliminates the guesswork of SEO, helps our new content to rank much more quickly, and maximizes the chance that each piece of content will generate sales.”

Katie Keith

Operations Director, Barn2

“A 540% increase in organic traffic, in real terms: “SEO Content [is] a major part of Weglot’s brand awareness and customer acquisition.”

Eugène Ernoult

CMO, Weglot

Alex Denning built an A.I. system that could predict which keyword and title would get his clients’ blog posts the most visibility on Google and other search engines… [results] improved by approximately a third”

New York Times, March 2022


Does FALCON AI write content?

No. FALCON helps you select better target keywords for your content, and gives you insight so you can create high-ranking content which perfectly answers the searcher’s questions. FALCON AI does not write content for you. Google doesn’t want your AI-generated SEO spam content.

We approach SEO AI from a different point of view to other solutions: rather than try and churn out auto-generated content, we are focused on using the huge power of AI and Machine Learning to help SEO and content professionals make better decisions and get vastly better outcomes.

While your competitors might use AI to generate low-quality content, you can leverage FALCON AI to get wildly better results by making better decisions.

What topics can FALCON AI do?

FALCON AI can handle any topic area, including technology, digital marketing, and personal finance.

FALCON AI is available for any location but is only available for English content at this time.

Please note, whilst FALCON AI can handle any topic area, we choose not to work with businesses in the gambling, payday lending, warfare, or multi-level marketing industries.

How do I get access to FALCON AI?

FALCON AI is available as a done-for-you service.

We apply best-in-class AI safety, which requires having an expert “human in the loop”.

You’ll work with our team through our web application. We’ll understand your needs, operate the AI machine for you, and then provide you with the AI output through the web application.

Is FALCON AI right for me?

FALCON AI is built for professional content teams. We expect teams to be publishing and/or updating 10+ existing content pieces per month to get the most value from FALCON AI.

If you have a lower volume than 10/month, our sister agency Ellipsis can help you.

How much does this cost?

FALCON AI is for professional content teams, and starts at $5k/month. We expect FALCON AI to dramatically improve your SEO content results and make you a hero.

Get in touch to see if FALCON AI is a good fit for you.