We make content.

SEO and Content teams rely on spreadsheets to decide what content to produce. You can add a lot of information into a spreadsheet, but you’re relying on the same variables we’ve used for years: keyword difficulty, domain authority, and a subjective look at the top results.

FALCON AI is a next generation keyword research solution for content teams. We use AI to predict if your content is going to succeed, so your content always wins.

A good content process will try 3, 4, maybe 5 different versions of a keyword’s post over a 12-24 month period. After publishing the content for the first time or making any updates, you have to wait-and-see how the content will perform. The results are hit-and-miss at best.

No more wait-and-see. No more hit-and-miss. FALCON AI generates and tests different variations of content for a target keyword, before you even start content creation.

The AI tells you specifically which content – with optimized title, headings, sentiment, meta description, etc – is going to succeed, before you start writing anything.

With FALCON AI, you can go into your content creation process with huge confidence your content is going to succeed.

We make content succeed.

FALCON AI is built by the team at Ellipsis, a digital marketing agency. We needed to change our SEO Content results from hit-and-miss to just the hits, so we built FALCON.

Read about FALCON in the New York Times.