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FALCON AI was built to solve “hit-and-miss” SEO Content performance.

Co-founder Alex runs an SEO Content agency, Ellipsis, that pre-FALCON had an issue: clients were paying for a monthly SEO Content retainer, but they were cancelling because the results were inconsistent.

5 pieces of content would subjectively look to be the same quality, but 1 would win on Google and 4 would get no results.

FALCON AI uses machine learning to generate all the possible different versions of a post you might create, and then predicts which 1 is going to give you the best results.

FALCON AI works, really well. Ellipsis now delivers SEO Content that performs 10-100x better than competitors. SEO Content is winner-takes-all, so when you have an edge, you get outsized returns.

Before we launched the SaaS product, we had people asking for it – a lot. We organically got great coverage in the New York Times.

We’ve built FALCON AI to fit seamlessly into your workflow. When you start using FALCON, you can start going into your content process with massive confidence that everything you publish is going to get you rankings.

No more hit-and-miss. No more publishing 5 posts and hoping 1 hits – FALCON AI makes all of them “hit”.

FALCON AI is a standalone SaaS product, starting at $1500/month. It’s perfect for content teams in-house or external. You will look like a bloody hero when you finally “crack” SEO Content, powered by FALCON AI.

Most SEO Content does not work. We’ve built FALCON AI to change that.

If you don’t have the resources to produce content, or you need content done for you end-to-end, sister company Ellipsis is a world-class SEO Content agency.

FALCON AI is a subsidiary company of Ellipsis, and obviously Ellipsis uses FALCON AI – plus world-class SEO Content process, expertise, and reporting – to get world-class results. You can see more here.

FALCON AI uses machine learning to predict exactly where your content is going to rank, before you create it.

FALCON AI is built by Alex Denning and . Alex runs Ellipsis, a world-class SEO Content agency.

Read more about FALCON in the New York Times.