A 350% Increase in Organic Traffic using FALCON AI

“FALCON AI has been able to identify content that have ranked very quickly, raising our traffic significantly.”

Autoship Cloud is a subscriptions powerhouse for WooCommerce, offering best-in-class features to merchants and their customers.

Matthew Holman, Head of Growth at Autoship, engaged us in 2021 for a Marketing Audit and Strategy. The Audit identified SEO Content as a key marketing channel to focus on; following the Audit, Matthew engaged us on Content Growth, our flagship SEO Content service for WordPress businesses.

Ellipsis undertook product discovery and started on content creation in September 2021, with the first content going out in October. We focused on revenue keywords at the bottom of the funnel that could deliver leads and conversions for Autoship.

As a new product, the site was starting from a low base on organic traffic. We tell Content Growth clients that we’re aiming to win subject matter authority on a cluster of keywords. Once you win one part of the cluster, it becomes much easier to win other sections of the cluster.

We saw this with Autoship, with Ahrefs estimating traffic increased 3.5x in December 2021 as we “won” the WooCommerce + subscriptions category:

Specific content delivered Autoship Cloud trackable leads and sales. The revenue keywords we targeted included woocommerce subscriptions alternative.

As Autoship Cloud is a WooCommerce Subscriptions alternative, this was a vital keyword with extremely high purchase intent. You see this reflected in a ~$10 cost per click for the keyword.

Using our FALCON AI, we could predict before the post was written that a post targeting the keyword would be successful.

The top 10 results for this keyword have been mostly static for the last two years, but FALCON AI identified an opportunity to more comprehensively provide an answer to searchers’ questions, while also providing the right title to make it happen.

Our post, The 5 Best Alternatives to WooCommerce Subscriptions for Your Ecommerce Website, has performed extraordinarily well, taking top spot ahead of sites like WP Beginner, Kinsta, and WordPress.org in under 3 months from publication.

As per Ahrefs, the post is the only content to disrupt the top 10 in the last two years: