FALCON AI powers organic traffic from 15k to 85k/month

“FALCON has helped make SEO Content a major part of Weglot’s brand awareness and customer acquisition.”

Weglot has worked with FALCON AI parent company Ellipsis since 2018. In that time, they’ve experienced significant growth, going from €0.5m ARR to over €10m ARR. Weglot makes websites and stores multilingual and is the market leader in an increasingly connected and multilingual world.

Weglot integrates with all major CMSs, including Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix, but WordPress is one of its most important integrations. The core of Ellipsis’ work with Weglot has been SEO Content support through our Content Growth package.

Most recently, between January 2020 and January 2022, Ellipsis worked on 92 pieces of content for Weglot. This content is across both CMS and multilingual/translation topics, to meet a variety of personas and points in the funnel. Ellipsis’ content is combined with content produced by Weglot’s marketing team in-house.

84% of Ellipsis’ content for Weglot over this 2 year period has a top 10 ranking. FALCON AI is both increasing the % of content in the top 10, and increasing the speed at which the content achieves this ranking.

Ahrefs shows traffic climbing significantly in this time, with traffic climbing from 15k/month to 85k/month (570% increase). Ahrefs also shows that the blog subdomain achieved a maximum of 3k visitors/month, so this accounts for a 540% increase in traffic, in real terms:

Since the introduction of v2 FALCON AI in September 2021, 91% of new content produced for Weglot has ranked in the top 10, with the fastest top 10 rankings achieved in 2 weeks.