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SEO and Content teams are used to SEO results being hit-and-miss. If you publish 10 posts, you’re lucky if 3 rank in the top 10.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been working to change this. FALCON AI is a next generation keyword research solution for content teams. We use AI to predict if your content is going to succeed, so your content always wins.

FALCON AI is next generation keyword research

Keyword selection is the first stage in the professional SEO Content process. If you get your keyword selection right, you have a chance of ranking high. If you get your keyword selection wrong, all of your writing, editing, SEO work, updates, promotion, go to waste.

You must choose the right keyword for your content to have a chance of success.

FALCON AI uses Machine Learning to make sure you always select the right keyword. You can go into your content process with massive confidence your content is going to succeed.

FALCON AI helps you choose the best title, the best headings, the best tone of voice for your keyword

Good keyword selection is inherently paired with title, headings, word count, sentiment, tone of voice, etc you’re going to pair with your keyword.

FALCON AI generates original options based on what’s currently performant in SERPs, tests all of the options, and then outputs the specific keyword + title, heading, tone of voice, etc that will give you the highest chance of success.

In a legacy content process, you might write the content, update it six months later, and then update it another twelve months on. If you’re lucky, the content has 3 different iterations – 3 chances to succeed.

FALCON AI can generate and test an infinite number of options for your content, before you even start writing. FALCON AI can tell you specifically which version of a post is going to be performant. Obviously, you then just do the version that is most performant.

Today, we’re launching the FALCON AI web app

FALCON AI is an AI “machine”, and until today you’ve needed an expert human to read its outputs.

Today, we’re launching our web app.

This makes it much easier to request new reports, access the FALCON AI outputs, and apply the FALCON AI insights to your content.

You still need a human expert to operate the AI “machine” for you. We are not launching a self-serve SaaS. We’re following best-in-class AI safety, which requires a “human in the loop”. Every output receives a review by a human expert before it comes to you.

FALCON AI is available to content teams publishing 10+ posts/month, with one-off projects and retainer packages from $5k.

You can get in touch for a no-obligation chat about how FALCON AI can deliver you game-changing results.

FALCON AI gets extremely strong results

We get these extremely strong results by leveraging the AI for a very specific part of the professional content process: keyword selection, and then deciding which content to create for the keyword. We’re not trying to generate pieces of content, because the AI in 2022 isn’t good enough.

FALCON AI gives content teams information to make better decisions, and produce content that’s more tightly aligned with answering searcher questions. We then hand everything over to content teams and subject matter experts to produce great, insightful, and trustworthy content.

You’re getting information to make better decisions, and then you run with your existing content process. FALCON AI improves your outcomes, and makes your SEO Content performance heroic.

You can hear more about FALCON AI’s extremely strong results when you contact us to see how FALCON AI can help you.